Dear Recruiters, here's why you should hire me


About Me

I like to draw freehand as I explain ideas

Structure- I'm usually the on splitting up a project into individual items

I'm quick, crafty and have an incredible intuition. Give me 3 objects and I'll make a functioning prototype

I played professionally in a band

I'm in love with Art

I have the experience

I take pride in my work and strive for excellence


quick and dirty prototyping

Iterative Design

paper prototypes

Driving forces



Breaking Boundaries

Team Player

Worked in multiple multidisciplinary teams

Beauty in design

Scuba, Sky Dive, Surf, Bouldering, Hiking


Product Design

UX Design


Engineer + Designer + Researcher

Systematic execution of Beautiful experiences backed by scientific thought

I feel my most engaged in fast paced environments

Strong eye for detail

Data Driven Practice


User Flows

AB/ Testing

Data Visualization

Affinity Mapping

Affinity Mapping

Big Questions

What's next? AR? VR? Situated Technology?

Wizard with picking up design software

Make it happen- I work with what I got

I'm good at interpreting data